Shalini Pandey about casting couch and bold scenes

Shalini Pandey about casting couch and bold scenes

Shalini Pandey of Arjun Reddy fame, opened up about lip lock, bold scenes and casting couch.

Recently during the media interaction, Shalini Pandey talked about the intimate romantic scenes of her previous offering Arjun Reddy.  The bold actress said, “I have no inhibitions for lip-lock scenes on the screen so long as the makers doesn’t objectify women and justifies the act in the script”.

Jabalpur born actress Shalini Pandey also opened up about her conservative family, how her parents did not approve her choice of being an actress and casting Couch.

Shalini Pandey said, “My father wanted me to take up job instead of wasting time  after the completion of engineering. But I want to test my luck in film industry. I told to my parents to let me go to Mumbai and try my luck for a week. When I landed Mumbai, he kept calling me often and asking me to return. I was already frustrated with the movie not having begun and other things not seeming to workout.” She added,  “I have a theater background. I used to sit in the front of mirror and imitate the scenes from movies which I watched. Later I signed Arjun Reddy that brought name and fame for me.”

 When Shalini Reddy was asked about that if Tamil filmmakers demands lip-locks and intimate scenes like Arjun Reddy, will she accept the offer?  The actress said, “Arjun Reddy was pure emotional love story. The director Sandeep Reddy Vanga portrayed it in a sensible and sensuous manner. If in Kollywood the concerned filmmaker justifies the scene in the script, I wouldn’t mind to do lick lock and intimate scenes. But if they are forced, I would never give nod.”

 Shalini Pandey also talked about  the existence of casting couch in film industry. She said, “My few friends are working in  IT field  and few are in  medical line, they have also gone through similar problems but it doesn’t come  to limelight. As film personalities are in showbiz, and everyone wants to know more about their personal life that is the main reason, casting couch issue is highlighted in film industry.  I am working alone in this industry and it is not as bad as they project.  It depends on you to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.”

 On the workside, Shalini Pandey is busy in her upcoming movie 100% Kadhal, the Tamil remake of Telugu  hit 100 Percent Love. Shalini Pandey is reprising the role of Tamannah Bhatia in its remake and is sharing the screen space with G V Prakash Kumar. Shalini Pandey said, “I am not copying Tamannah’s role even in one scene, I want to bring originality to my role in 100% Kadhal.”